Pyxis is: 

  • Kaitlin Chan '17
  • Hannah Eisner '17
  • Brandon Eng '15, Art History
  • Kelsey Henry '15, American Studies & Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • Hibiki Mizuno '15,   American Studies & Social, Cultural, Critical Theory
  • Alexander Turner '15, Sociology  
  • Savannah Whiting '13
  • Ben Zucker '15, Music & Social, Cultural, Critical Theory 



Faculty Advisor

  • Ethan Kleinberg, Director of the Center for the Humanities, Professor of History and Letters

Pyxis collaborates with TypeClub 

Pyxis is a new online and print project that aims to share and celebrate student academic writing in the humanities at Wesleyan University. We publish peer-edited papers and thought-provoking articles. We hope to establish a dialogue across the humanities on issues surrounding a common theme, extending the conversations in the classroom to the Internet. 

Pyxis is a small constellation in the Southern sky. Its ancient Greek root, a type of precious vessel, was absorbed into Latin nautical speak to signify a "Mariner’s Compass." In much the same way that ancient peoples constructed worldviews by connecting seemingly disparate stars and creating narratives from them, we aim to connect the dots across different disciplines in the humanities, revealing the various critical and creative ways a topic can be approached, analyzed, and discussed, in our quest for intellectual discoveries.

Pyxis would like to thank the support of the Center for the Humanities at Wesleyan University.

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