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Pyxis Spring 2014 Call For Submissions:


Media & Social Participation

   Do you never want to see a Facebook platitude status again? Do you participate in the social justice outrage machine? Are you tired of articles about Beyonce and feminism? Do you have multiple personas on the internet? Are you unable to keep up with the Kardashians? Do you think Miley Cyrus should have been TIME’s Person Of The Year? Do all of your exes live in texts?

    Digital technology has become a dominant platform in which we experience our everyday lives and relationships, and has thus become a prominent genre for social criticism. Popular culture has now become a public forum for everybody’s opinions, creativity, and dissent. We are now surrounded by information, but it has become easy for us to lose ourselves in the multitude of voices and images. What we need now is a critical discussion of how our actions in the digital sphere are having a widespread effect on both our individual minds and our society as a whole.

    Pyxis, Wesleyan’s journal of the humanities, wants to foster this discussion, and invites you to share your ideas on popular culture and social criticism. We are looking for academic papers, thinkpieces, and artwork (creative fiction and nonfiction, visual art, video, and more) that explores topics related to (and in no way limited to) media, culture, technology, and the collapsing boundary between real and digital life.

    We encourage submissions from all (inter)disciplines in the humanities. Your file should be named as “work title_name.” If you have an accompanying paper prompt, please feel free to include it. We accept papers of all lengths. Please submit your work to 

     The extended submission deadline is Wednesday, March 26th, 2014.